Ben Cooper

Managing Director

From successful business to truly professional real estate group. That’s the result of Ben Cooper’s leadership since becoming Cameron Managing Director in 2011.

And it’s easy to see why. With over 25 years in real estate Ben is a respected leader in the field. His passion for the industry and getting the best deal done guides the 1000-plus transactions Cameron performs each year. He loves nothing more than being at the coalface of a deal or negotiation, be it directly, or in support of his valued team.

Ben also serves the wider community by sitting on multiple boards, utilising his knowledge of real estate, business process, leadership and technology.
Outside work, Ben immerses himself in his other passions; family, and cultivating his thoroughbred operation on the Mornington Peninsula.

Ben Cooper
“I believe you need to have real passion about something to succeed in it. And I believe much of Cameron’s success is due to the fact that I have always loved real estate, just as I do the close team we have.”