Deborah Bell

Office03 8788 9000

As one of the first people you meet at Cameron at Reception, Deb is personable and approachable on the outside and on the inside. Deb is driven by impeccable attention to detail and a deep desire to look after our clients’ best interests. In fact, she’s happy to admit she treats clients with the same love and devotion as she does her family.

Previously as a Facilities Assistant, Deb ensured the safety of all the properties and tenants in Cameron’s portfolio.  Safety is paramount, and Deb makes it her number one priority, even in the little things that no one sees or thinks about. She believes safety is too often seen as a ‘little thing,’ but when not in place properly it can have a huge impact.

Away from the fastidiousness of her job, Deb enjoys the everyday delights of her family—and keeping them safe and sound, too.

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”