Sell Your Business

Move on without messing up

Whether you need to sell your business or assign the lease to another party, Cameron has a simple process in place to ensure a smooth transition.

If selling, inform your Property Manager, who will then inform the Owner. You’ll need to provide Sale of Business documents, and incoming Tenants will need to be able to meet the obligations of the lease and provide asset and liability statements, banking details and business references. The sooner these can be supplied, the sooner the transfer of tenancy can take place, as we don’t liaise with the Owner until all documents are obtained.



If assigning the lease, perhaps due to growth or decline in business, inform Cameron and one of our Sales & Leasing agents will contact you to discuss the current market, your marketing options, and associated costs. These costs are payable upfront and held in a Trust Account until they fall due. Should a transaction fall through, we’ll simply refund the payment less costs.