Cameron will take care of it

When you occupy a Cameron-managed property, you can expect that its plant and equipment are compliant and in good working condition from day one. Lighting, roller doors, climate control—everything operating as it should.


As the Tenant, though, you have specific obligations to keep things that way for the duration of your lease. You must ensure all equipment is serviced regularly by qualified Contractors, and that gardens and drains are free of debris, with gutters and downpipes cleaned every 3-6 months.

Anything less is considered a breach of your lease. Sometimes the property Owner will have service agreements in place and you’ll only need to perform and pay for general maintenance. But sometimes they won’t. Consult with Cameron to ascertain the best way to stay on the correct side of your obligations.

Maintenance Requests

Due to documentation requirements for both Owner and Tenant, Cameron can only action maintenance requests which are in writing. Upon receipt, your Property Manager will engage an approved Contractor to fix the issue, usually on the first visit for small issues. Larger and costlier issues may require several quotes, meaning a slightly longer wait until resolution.

Roof leaks are the most common maintenance issue, due often to blocked gutters, worn skylights, or inadequate drainage for heavy rain events. These will always be attended to rapidly, though it’s important to note that, due to OHS, Contractors can’t access a roof during rain. In this event we’ll endeavour to have someone there at the first safe opportunity.

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