Paul Le Sueur

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With over 20 years property experience across two continents and the holder of an MBA, Paul is more than qualified to lead our Property Management Department and take great care of your assets. He uses his global experience to bring best in class practice and to focus on providing exceptional service to his clients.

Paul has extensive knowledge in working with top tier clients and properties of all sizes. He has diverse and applicable real estate knowledge, which includes strategic property management, operational & financial reporting, leasing, tenant & client relations as well as business development.

Amongst his memorable achievements, Paul speaks fondly of the 5 years he spent in Tokyo, setting up an International Desk for Asset Services, before leading the Client team for a global organisation. He also had the responsibility of establishing a Commercial Property Management department for a major developer in the United Arab Emirates of which, one of his first tenants was the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Outside of work, Paul is a proud family man who enjoys time with his family and friends and like many others at Cameron, travel and sport make up a lot of his downtime.

“Cede Nullis” (Yield to None)