Amanda Heveren

Office03 8788 9000

Amanda’s career has always involved service provision be it in travel & tourism, hospitality or real estate. This has given her great insight into what it takes to build and maintain solid, lasting relationships.

Originally from New Zealand Amanda made her way across “the ditch” in 2016 and started with a local residential agency before realising she would like to pursue a career in the commercial sector. Joining Cameron in a temporary capacity, it didn’t take long for her amazing organisational skills to shine through. Her efficiency in getting the job done impressed both colleagues and clients alike, so we made her a full timer. Now she can continue to provide the invaluable support that her clients look for long into the future.

Travelling the world, snowboarding and indulging in Melbourne’s Asian cuisine is what she does best outside of the 9-5pm weekday.

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise”